Meetings are events planned fairly in advance to bring business travellers together on a specific date for the purpose of exchanging information, either between people from one company or organization, or between people from different establishments. Some of the events that would comply with the World Trade Organization’s definition of ‘meeting’ include product launches, cocktail functions, breakfast, lunch and dinner meetings and special occasions such as weddings.

Services offered:

  • Venue Selection & Contract Negotiationmeeting
  • Meeting Room Design & Session Management
  • Accommodation & Logistics Management
  • Catering Management
  • Signage’s and Banners
  • Special Event Planning
  • Technical equipment Management
  • Manpower (Hostesses & Volunteers)
  • Media Management
  • Event Webcasting
  • Online Meeting Registration


Incentives involve travel to foreign countries or domestic destinations as part of a motivational or incentive scheme to enhance or reward employee efforts. Companies count on trusted travel partners and MICE handlers to take care of their incentive programmers. You can entrust LTA with your incentive needs.

Services offered:

  • Planning incentive programsincentive
  • Greeting services
  • Tour desk
  • Party planning, arrangement and management
  • Logistics
  • VIP services
  • Activity planning and management
  • Commemorative items and gifts
  • On-site operation staff


Conferences or conventions are generally described as multi-day events attended by at least 100 delegates for the purpose of exchanging business information. If 40% or more of the delegates come from outside the host country, the event would be termed as an international conference or convention. An exotic yet thoughtfully selected destination can be a pleasant surprise and afford more value-for-money compared to a “standard” or “overdone” venue. We have lined up conferences ranging from huge Medical Conventions to the lesser volume handling of automobile, travel trade and construction.

Services offered:

  • Biddingconfrence
  • Site Selection and Contract Negotiations
  • Budgeting & Planning Event
  • Branding & creating marketing collaterals
  • Secretarial functions for the organisers
  • Venue Management
  • Accommodation & Logistics
  • Pre & Post tours
  • Interpretation and Translation Services
  • Media Relations
  • Special Events (Theme Nights/ Gala Dinners/ Banquets)
  • Audio-Visual Equipment
  • VIP Services
  • Delegate Registrations (Offline/Online)
  • Database Management & Communication
  • Manpower Management
  • Security Arrangements


Exhibitions involve the converging of corporate leaders and business-minded people for the purposes of viewing products and services of different enterprises and business groups. At LTA we aim to provide the technological edge to Indian entrepreneurs so that they are better equipped and competitive enough to perform on the global stage.

Services offered:

  • Site Selection and Contract Negotiationsexibittions
  • Stall layout & booth designs
  • Budget& Planning
  • Cargo Management
  • Accommodation & Logistics services
  • Car & coach rentals
  • Branding & Marketing collaterals
  • Exhibition Promotion
  • Online Space Selling
  • Delegate Services
  • Booth allocation management
  • Vendor management
  • Security Arrangements
  • Liaison work & Legal sanctions
  • Special Events (Theme Nights/ Gala Dinners/ Banquets)
  • Manpower Management