In this fiercely competitive corporate world, the one thing that keeps you going – or perhaps even stay ahead – is the ability to foresee changes at a macro level. Adapting promptly, is the other, because complacency can prove disastrous.

Competitiveness demands continuous advancement. Whether it’s upgrading processes and systems, optmising manpower and material resources, expanding market networks or even your existing setup… and lots more.

But primarily, being well-informed, is the key. Be it about the industry, global trends, competition, markets…it all matters. Because you can plan your next move correctly and timely. So, knowledge is your best buffer against a setback.

The IT revolution has impacted the way the world remains informed or ‘connected’ virtually. But nothing beats getting up-close with reality, being there and soaking it in, to empower knowledge and enrich the experience.


LTA is founded on the doctrines of providing a broader perspective and a richer experience. Whether its accelerating business growth by identifying opportunities, affording a higher degree of satisfaction in leisure travel or enhancing knowledge through exploratory visits.

The scope of LTA’s services therefore includes Trade Fairs, Holidays, MICE , Educational and Industrial Study Tours and our team has an array of proven skills in rendering all of these services.

For us, both the premise and the promise is to enable our clients to attain the next level.